How To Travel The World As A Vegan


“There’s nothing worse than traveling to a distant destination and not finding anything suitable to eat. It’s time for a meal and you just arrived at the airport or you have just landed at your hotel after a flight or lengthy tour.

You frantically look around your location for any vegan food options.   Frustrated, you grab a salad at the local cafe and pray it doesn't contain any animal products while not knowing what other possibilities exist for vegan dining there….”

My name is Maria. I am a vegan who has traveled throughout the world extensively. I have visited 23 countries across five continents. Throughout my travels, I have found many wonderful options for vegan dining across the globe. There is no need for you to struggle with traveling as a vegan either. My E-Book on "How To Travel The World As A Vegan" will solve your vegan travel needs!

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This valuable, information-packed, "one-stop shop" for vegan travel advice includes answers to the following questions:

  • As a vegetarian or vegan, are you worried about what to eat during world travels, at the airport, on airlines, or at hotels?
  • Do you know how or even if you can order vegan meals on train excursions or cruises?
  • Do you fear communicating your special diet requirements to a native- speaking waiter? How can you communicate your requirements?
  • Do you feel uncertain as to where to find veggie-friendly accommodations?
  • Do you crave ideas on what foods to bring with you on your journeys?
  • Would you love to get information regarding global vegan bakeries, fast food, and ice creameries?
  • Where can you purchase vegan skincare, clothing, and travel gear?
  • What  are international "rest areas" offering for vegans during a highway stop?
  • Are you interested in vegan vacations?
  • What is the vegan food scene in each continent?
  • What local cuisines and vegan meal options are available in each country?
My E-Book will answer all of those questions for you and MUCH, MUCH MORE!


"Traveling as a vegan is more of a challenge than it would be for vegetarians; I've heard this repeated often at vegetarian conferences.In the shadow of my recent trip to India, where one would expect vegan food to be readily available (it was not).  Maria's E-Book "How To Travel The World As A Vegan" is packed with what I will read in advance the next time I travel oversees. More than that, I'll read selected portions of it very carefully - then consult her professionally for her expert assistance, since I can see now the quality of expertise she provides her travel clients." - Maynard C. "Boston Vegan Meetup Organizer"

"The author's great enthusiasm for world travel and for vegan living combine to find expression in this book.  These pages encourage healthy, compassionate globe-trotting so travelers can feel confident that they, too, can explore the world and find the resources they need to enjoy vegan living all the way." - Evelyn K.  President of "Boston Vegetarian Society"

"Maria's work is very detailed and in depth. Now any vegan can travel anywhere-no excuses! It makes it easy for the whole family to travel." - Donna Z. President of "Green Earth Travel" for Vegetarians and Vegans

"This is a very thorough, well-written guide for vegetarians and vegans who travel around the country and the world. Buy this for yourself or a vegan friend. You can be confident that they won't already have such a guide." Ed S. Florida

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Maria Giurcan

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